My husband was diagnosed by his doctor as being impotent due to diabetes, but due to some of the other medications my husband takes the doc would not prescribe Viagra. I looked around for something natural and safe and found yours which seemed to be the best. Well, we have it for a couple months now and I can tell anyone without hesitation this stuff works. I don't remember his penis ever being this hard before. Very happy with the results.
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I'm really a results oriented guy. If something does not do what it is supposed to do I drop it and move on. Well I'm writing to tell you that I'm extremely happy with the results of your erectile dysfunction pills. I feel like I'm 30 years old again (I'm 66.). Niagra makes my sex life great again.
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I've always been very active sexually so when a few years ago my erections started becoming less strong I was concerned. I took Viagra but the side effects of that stuff are quite bad.. at least they were for me. I tried your product specifically because you clinically tested it and it is all natural. I don't know what else to say except it works. It works very well.
Barr, USA

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"I had to do something. So what was I going to do, cheat on him?" -Mellissa   Read More... "I had to do something. So what was I going to do, cheat on him? My boy friend and I have been together over 10 years. But the last year our sex life has really gone down hill. And a lot of good, hot sex is somethhing I'm not willing to give up easily.. but I don't want to give up on our relationship either. So anyway he started having a hard time staying hard, then it went to difficulty even getting an erection and somewhere in there he clearly lost most interest in sex as well. He would go thru the motions but it wasn't happening for him. Men cannot fool women about that stuff.

I'm not the cheating type but I do need sex so I needed to find a solution. It turns out your Niagra is exactly the right thing for this situation. I bought a bottle, gave it to him, and didn't even have to say a word. He took one that night and all I can say is "Wow." He got hard as steel, and all of his desire for sex came back. Several times that night actually. Since we plan on having lot's of sex I'm back to buy 6 bottles. Thanks for erverything and tell Vanessa the coupon she sent with our order was a very nice gift." - Mellissa

Let's be truthful. You're completely frustrated by impotence (ED) and unable to penetrate your partner during sex and you want to have real intercourse again.... hot, penetrating and fulfilling to both of you.

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Aside from the known risk of adverse negative side effects, Viagra as an impotence pill is very expensive and out of the budget of many guys looking for an impotence pill. for erection problems.

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